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Learn to Drive With Motor-Way

Learning to drive can be a daunting task for most people - this is where I can help!! .All
of my tuition is in a calm and relaxed manor ideal for nervous students.

Tuition is on a 1 on 1 basis with no car sharing in a Skoda Fabia dual controlled, air
conditioned, vehicle (Door to door service).

Individuals who pass their driving test have had, on average, about 45 hours of
professional training combined with 22 hours of private practice ( According to
Driving Standards Agency statistics). Learners who combine professional instruction
with private practice are also more successful on their driving test.

Remember the DSA figures are just a guide and not a guarantee of how many driving lessons
you'll need to rip up those L-plates!

I offer a full range of driving tuition, from a nervous first time student, up to drivers who are looking to save money on their car insurance by taking a Pass Plus course....Take a look at the different types of course's I offer...

Standard Driving Lesson
You can book 1-hour or 2-hour lessons per week, each week. Most people learn to drive this way - Lessons
from 23 per hour (Including block booking discount)

Block Bookings
To qualify for discount block bookings a minimum of 10 hours to be pre-booked.

Before you can book any driving lessons you are required by law to hold a valid provisional driving licence.
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Parking Lesson's

Have you passed your driving test but still have trouble parking?

If so why not consider having lessons from a professional instructor to sort out your problems. 

Price : 20 per hour in your own car or 25 in my car.

Refresher Lesson's

Have you been away from driving for a long time?

If so the safest way to return to driving is to have lessons with a driving instructor in a dual controlled car.

Lesson prices are the same as normal tuition

Phone or email me for more information.

Fuel is very expensive and as drivers we spend a lot of our hard earned money on buying it each year. 

You can reduce your fuel consumption by learning to drive in way where you can maximise your economy. 

To learn how to save money on fuel.

Email / Text or Phone me now.

Price : 20 per hour in your own car or 25 in my car.

Economy Lesson's
Off Road Lesson's

I am a member of the Cornwall and Devon Land Rover Club, where I take part in off road competitions.  I have been a member for several years and have gained a good knowledge of driving over very difficult conditions.  I am able to pass on these off road skills to anyone that may need them for work, or you may just want to have some fun. 

Price - 99 per day.

Pass Plus
After passing your driving test why not ask me about a PASS PLUS course, this will greatly increase your driving experience and save you money with insurance premiums!


The PASS PLUS consists of 6 modules

Town Driving
All Weather Driving
Driving out of Town
Night Driving
Driving on Dual Carriageways
Driving on Motorways




Use the link below to find out more about PASS PLUS


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